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Enjoy Japan Yamaguchi to your heart's content, a city of gourmet food, adventure, and history.

Enjoy ``fugu cuisine'' that can also be eaten in Kyoto at ``Nishi no kyo Yamaguchi'', the home of blowfish.

Popular dishes to try in Yamaguchi: “Fugu” and “Kawararoof tiles Soba”

There are two popular dishes that you must try in Yamaguchi Prefecture: ``Fugu cuisine'' and ``Kawara Soba''.

Fugu cuisine is a high-class cuisine that is also served at inns in Kyoto. Sashimi, hot pot dishes, and fried blowfish are typical.

Kawara soba, on the other hand, is a simple noodle dish with fried tea soba placed on a grilled tile. It is topped with sweet and spicy seasoned beef and kinshi tamago and seasoned with sauce. It is said that kawara soba originated during the Meiji era when soldiers cooked it outdoors using roof tiles.

At the same time, you can enjoy ``Fugu cuisine,'' a high-class cuisine representing Yamaguchi Prefecture that is known nationwide, and ``Kawara Soba,'' a local food of Yamaguchi residents.

Does Yamaguchi Prefecture handle the most blowfish in Japan?

When you think of ``Fugu,'' you think of Yamaguchi Prefecture, and Fugu attracts tourists.

It is a well-known historical fact that a ban on blowfish was issued during the Warring States period due to frequent cases of poisoning caused by blowfish, and the ban was lifted in the Meiji period.

Recently, we have expanded the amount of farmed blowfish we handle, and now you can enjoy blowfish dishes all year round.

Yamaguchi Prefecture ranks 7th in Japan in terms of the amount of blowfish caught, and 4th in terms of the amount of farmed blowfish landed. The reason why Yamaguchi Prefecture is said to have the largest amount of blowfish handled in Japan is,

・Haedomari Market in Shimonoseki City handles the largest amount of blowfish in Japan.

・Shunpanro in Shimonoseki City was the first restaurant to serve blowfish cuisine after the ban was lifted.

can be mentioned.

Experience Japanese culture Oodono area


Yamaguchi City Oodono area SAIKOUTEI

Kimono experience, Bakumatsu patriot experience, armor experience

Yamaguchi City Saikoutei is a Japanese-style building.

Gion Saikoutei, a restaurant that was widely loved from its founding in 1896 to 1996, has been relocated and restored. Since the Meiji era, 29 plaques of famous people from Yamaguchi Prefecture, including the Prime Minister, and other related items are on display. SAIKOUTEI


Yamaguchi City Oodono area  JIPPOUTEI

Cosplay in the Meiji Restoration Costumes from the era of modern Japan are also available for rent.

This time we will be visiting the Odono district, which is adjacent to the center of Yamaguchi city and is about 10 minutes by car from Yuda Onsen. Introducing JIPPOUTEI, where you can experience the Meiji Restoration first-hand.

The Daidon district is located down from the five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple, a tourist attraction in Yamaguchi City, and down the Ichinosaka River, a famous spot for fireflies. It is a tourist area where you can feel the Western Kyoto Yamaguchi, with both the history of the Ouchi clan in the medieval period and the history as the site of the Meiji Restoration.

There is also an old folk house cafe, and you can also visit the nearby Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art and museums. JIPPOUTEI

Explore the mysterious world ~ Akiyoshido Cave in Yamaguchi Prefecture

It takes about 40 minutes by bus from Yuda Onsen to Akiyoshido.