A cityscape that imitates Kyoto

From Yuda Onsen, you can explore the five-storied pagoda and medieval townscape by bus or taxi.

For sightseeing in Yamaguchi city, ``loop taxi'' and ``community bus'' are convenient and economical.

500 yen for a ticket that allows you to hop on and off all day.

An all-day ticket for the circulation taxi and community bus that runs every day (8 times a day) costs 500 yen. Click here for details

Yamaguchi in Japan Sightseeing Brochure Download

・Welcome to Yamaguch

・Enjoy Driving in Yamaguchi

・Recommended Yamaguchi Sightseeing Model Courses by Public Transportation

・Cycling Map

・Sightseeing Taxi Plans

You can download English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

The overwhelming scale of nature spreading out before your eyes

Yuda Onsen, located in the center of Yamaguchi Prefecture, is the perfect base for overnight trips to Yamaguchi Prefecture for two or more nights.

You can enjoy cycling in the great outdoors from spring to autumn. Courses are also set.

If you want to see all the sightseeing spots in Yamaguchi City, such as the five-storied pagoda and the Ichinosakagawa area where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto, you can use a taxi tour.

There are two gateways to Yamaguchi Prefecture and Yamaguchi City.

From Yamaguchi Ube Airport

Transportation to Yamaguchi City

・Bus ・train

Transfer at Shin-Yamaguchi Station)

shared taxi(Approximately 50 minutes)

From JR Shinkansen Shin-Yamaguchi Station

Transportation to Yamaguchi City

・Bus ・train

Shin-Yamaguchi Station → Yuda Onsen Station(Approximately 20 minutes)

Tourist information centers in 5 locations in Yamaguchi City→Reference site

JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station (2 locations)

JR Yamaguchi Line Yamaguchi Station

Yuda Onsen Tourist Information Center

Tourist information center near the five-storied pagoda

Yamaguchi city tour starting from Yuda Onsen

Bicycle rental

With Yuda Onsen as your base, you can take a leisurely stroll through museums and cafes, as well as tourist attractions such as Rurikoji Temple's five-storied pagoda and Sesshu Garden.

City circulation bus

You can also use the bus to travel to the city's tourist attractions. The five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple is conveniently accessed by the Yamaguchi City Loop Bus departing from JR Yamaguchi Station. If you are coming from Yuda Onsen, you will need to change trains at Yamaguchi Station.

Taxi tour

This site allows you to apply for sightseeing tours by taxi, including courses that take you around sightseeing spots in Yamaguchi City in 3 hours. You can also specify the inn where you will stay.

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