Hot spring inn


Welcome to TOKIWA ~Hospitality in Japanese-style rooms

Enjoy Japanese cuisine

At the izakaya in the inn, you will be treated to the chef's cooking (we are filming a YouTube video) SAMURAI cooking

Enjoy Japanese hot springs in quiet Yamaguchi, known as the Kyoto of the West.

Yamaguchi City's famous confectionery Uirou

Yamaguchi's traditional sweets rival Kyoto's famous sweets

Tourists visiting Yamaguchi City eat traditional Japanese sweets and purchase them as souvenirs.

You can also purchase "Uirou" at TOKIWA Ryokan shops.

Please try Uiro Parfait at "Fox Footprints", which is right near the TOKIWA Ryokan.

How to enjoy Yuda Onsen

What kind of "lucky experience" did the young proprietress leisurely enjoy a Uiro parfait while soaking in a footbath, and the company president enjoy a Yamaguchi prefecture sake set with a big smile on his face?

Yuda Onsen sightseeing base facility [Fox Footprints]

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