Five storied pagoda

five storied pagoda Yamaguchi city

This five-storied pagoda in Yamaguchi City was featured in the New York Times. The five-storied pagoda, which many visitors to Kyoto see, is located north of the center of Yamaguchi city.

It is a place of relaxation for the citizens of Yamaguchi Prefecture, and its majestic appearance towering over the park, surrounded by a quiet townscape, is a sight to behold.

It impresses tourists from Japan and abroad.





About Rurikoji Five-storied Pagoda

The five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple is one of Japan's three famous pagodas and a national treasure located in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It was built during the Muromachi period by the 24th generation, Hiroyo Ouchi.

This five-storied pagoda is considered the masterpiece of Ouchi culture, and is counted as one of Japan's top three pagodas, along with Kyoto's Daigoji (temple) and Nara's Houryuji (temple).

You can enjoy a different atmosphere depending on the season, and not only the flowers and autumn leaves, but also the illuminations at night are not to be missed.

There are various historical sites scattered within the park, including the grave of Mori Takachika, the 13th lord of the Choshu domain. There is also ``Chinryutei,'' a place associated with the Meiji Restoration, and the beautiful tea room ``Rozando.'' This is a park where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll while feeling the flow of history.

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Rurikouji (불교) 오층탑에 대해서

Rurikouji 오층탑은 일본 3명탑 하나이며 야마구치현 야마구치시에 있는 국보입니다. 무로마치 시대에 24 오우치 히로세에 의해 건립되었습니다.

오층탑은, 오우치 문화의 최고 걸작으로 되어, 교토의 Daigoji((불교)) 나라의 Houryuji((불교)) 나란히, 일본 3명탑에 꼽히고 있습니다.

계절마다 다른 정취를 즐길 있고, 꽃과 단풍과의 경연은 물론, 밤의 라이트 업도 놓칠 없습니다.

공원 내에는 다양한 사적이 점재.

Choushu Han13 번주

Mouri Takachika 무덤이 있습니다. 또한 메이지 유신으로 이어지는 "Chinryutei" 아름다운 다실 "Rozando" 있습니다. 역사의 흐름을 느끼면서 느긋한 산책을 즐길 있는 공원입니다.

공지 페이지

Rurikouji 五層塔

琉璃光寺五層塔是日本三大名塔之一,是國寶,位於山口縣山口市。它是由室町時代第 24 代Oouchi Hiroyo建造的。




公園內散佈著許多歷史遺跡,其中包括長州藩第十三代藩主Mouri Takatika的墳墓。還有與明治維新有關的「Chinryu-tei」和美麗的茶室「Rozan-do」。這是一個可以一邊悠閒漫步,一邊感受歷史的流動的公園。


Rurikouji 五層塔

琉璃光寺五層塔是日本三大名塔之一,是國寶,位於山口縣山口市。它是由室町時代第 24 代Oouchi Hiroyo建造的。



公園內散佈著許多歷史遺跡,其中包括長州藩第十三代藩主Mouri Takachika的墳墓。還有與明治維新有關的「Chinryu-tei」和美麗的茶室「Rozan-do」。這是一個可以一邊悠閒漫步,一邊感受歷史的流動的公園。