Firefly Viewing Week June 1st to 7th

8minutes by car from Yuda Onsen

Ichinosakagawa River in Yamaguchi City is a famous spot for fireflies. "Firefly Viewing Week" will be held from June 1st to June 7th, 2024.

The 1st (Saturday) is the ``Firefly Festival''.

Information about fireflies will be on display at the Yamaguchi Furusato Folklore Center, 

Ichinosakagawa Multipurpose Square, and CS Red Brick Venue.

There are also stalls where you can enjoy light meals.

You can stroll around the area while watching the magical dance of fireflies.

One of the three major festivals in Yamaguchi City

Yudaonsen Festival

2024.4.6~4.7  Yamaguchi city Yudaonsen 

Lantern Festival

2024.8.6~8.7 City ​​center 

Furukuma Tenjin Festival

2024.11.17~11.25 City ​​center 

Yamaguchi Gion Festival 2024.7.20~27 

After the Shinto ceremony at Yasaka Shrine, the shrine moves to the "Inn(Where Deity temporarily sits)" in the city center.

The Yamaguchi Gion Festival is a traditional festival held at Yasaka Shrine in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and is a rich ancient festival modeled after the Gion Festival in Kyoto. Every year for eight days from July 20 to 27, various events are held in the city, and the city is very excited.

Highlights: Sagi-mai (Sagi-mai): The ``Sagi-mai'' held at Yasaka Shrine on the 20th is designated as an intangible folk cultural property by Yamaguchi Prefecture, and people wearing heron heads and feathers dance and dedicate it to the shrine.

Citizens' All-Odori: The Citizens' All-Odori is held on the 24th, and the shopping streets and station streets are crowded with participants from all over the city. More than 1000 people participate every year.

Return: On the 27th, on the 27th, people carry mikoshi and head towards Yasaka Shrine. There are women and children mixed in with the male mikoshi, and the sight of them working together to carry the mikoshi is moving.

Food stall hopping: The Yamaguchi Gion Festival also features night stalls with food and games.

Yuda Onsen Festival 2024.4.6~4.7  Yamaguchi city Yudaonsen

Enjoy the YouTube video

2024Yudaonsen Festival

There is also a corner where you can sample local sake from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Tasting events are held several times a year.

Yuda Onsen Sake Festival Executive Committee Facebook

Torchlight procession

Oiran Dochu

Oiran Parade

Hofu Tenmangu Shrine Flower Corridor (202.4.19~5.6) For more information

May 5th is Children's Day. The carp streamers in the countryside that shine against the blue sky convey the original scenery of Japan.

Check out the carp streamers in the Niho area of ​​Yamaguchi City during Golden Week.

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Hofu Tenmangu Shrine is a 30-minute drive from central Yamaguchi. Buses are available from JR Yamaguchi Station to Hofu Station. It can be accessed by train from JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station.