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There is also a corner where you can sample local sake from Yamaguchi Prefecture. Tasting events are held several times a year.

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Local sake in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture is famous for its sake production, producing many delicious sakes. Below we will introduce some of the sake breweries in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Top 10 Local Sake Brands in Yamaguchi Prefecture →You can watch it on YouTube video

Local sake from Yamaguchi Prefecture

야마구치현의 술




Speaking of sake from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and speaking of Japanese sake, Dassai, which is made in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is something that everyone knows.

Even in France, it seems that sake is positioned as “Dassai”.

I think that the Dassai brand is reverberating all over the world.


Dassai or Toyo-bijin Ichiban-matoi would be the most representative sake produced in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

I would like to introduce Toyo-bijin Ichiban-matoi in my own way.

On December 15, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Japan and drank this Toho-bijin Ichiban-matoi with former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the long-established hot spring inn "Otani Sanso" in Nagato City.

Chomon-kyo Natu-gin 

Okazaki Sake Brewery's brand "Chomon-kyo" in Hagi City, ginjo sake, summer sake "Natu-gin".

The raw material rice is Yamada Nishiki's "Saito no Shizuku", which is shaved by 50% and slowly fermented to make this sake. Fruity and elegant taste. It is a good sake to drink cold.

Thouyo-fukumusumay Yamada Nishiki Junmai Sake Light 

A drink for women. "Thouyo-fukumusumay Yamada Nishiki Junmai Sake Light". It feels like "adult ramune", and is a liquor for those who are new to sake and women.

Alcohol content is modest, 13%.

Slightly fermented sake that leaves a small amount of carbon dioxide gas during fermentation because the freshly squeezed sake is quickly confined in the bottle.

It has a sweet, light taste.

Gokyo Isehikari Kimoto-jyunmaishu 

This is Kimoto-jyunmaishu, the Gokyo Esehikari of Sakai Sake Brewery in Iwakuni City, making wooden barrels. This sake is representative of Yamaguchi.

Ki-oke-zukuri, a traditional Japanese manufacturing method, is characterized by its mild and full-bodied aroma.

It has a gentle texture and moderate acidity, and the umami and sweetness of rice are in harmony.

Yachiyo Junmai Ginjo made with Yamada Nishiki, 

We would like to introduce Yachiyo Junmai Ginjo made with Yamada Nishiki, a light type of sake that falls into the category of "Soushu".

During the hot summer months, I would like you to drink refreshing sake and nourish your spirit.

Yachiyo has a modest aroma and taste. Perfect for drinking with meals.

It is mellow when warmed. The umami is brought out, and you can enjoy a different side from cold sake. It is a slightly dry, refreshing sake.

Santouka-Jyunmai-ginjyo Sankou-Suikou  

.Kanemitu's president, whom I have a lot of respect for, is Kanemitsu Sake Brewery's sake.

This is Santouka-Jyunmai-ginjyo Sankou-Suikou.

The raw rice is Yamada Nishiki from Yamaguchi Prefecture. The rice is polished to a polishing ratio of 55% and slowly fermented at a low temperature.

The aroma is modest, but when you drink it, the rich aroma spreads in your mouth. Mild acidity and rich flavor.


Okazaki Sake Brewery's sake "Choumon-kyo-Ginjyoshu" in Hagi City.

50% of Yamada Nishiki Saito no Shizuku is shaved and slowly fermented to create this sake.

It has a fruity, unique aroma and a fine taste.

Choumon-kyo is the name of one of the most scenic spots in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The label also has a blue color scheme, giving it a refreshing feel.

It says, "It's good to drink chilled." 

Koujyo-no-homare Muroka-namagensyu aged for 2 years.

Koujyo-no-homare Muroka-namagensyu produced by my relatives is aged for 2 years.

Yamashiroya Sake Brewery is 400 years old. When I was a child, it reminds me of the scenery where the chief brewer mixed sake and made it. I thought the liquor store was wonderful. 

Yamazaru is a junmai daiginjo sake 

Yamazaru is a junmai daiginjo sake made from Saitono-shizuku rice grown in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

It is built in a brick storehouse with a history of 100 years. Taking advantage of this excellent storage environment for sake brewing, it is a naturally aged "Ajiginjo" that can be enjoyed in every season.

This Junmai Ginjo sake has a sweet aroma like maple and a distinct fruit-like sweetness that can be enjoyed chilled, at room temperature, or hot.


세계적 건축가 쿠마 켄고 씨가 다룬 세련된 목조 건축으로 알려져 있습니다.「獺祭」의 한정주를 갖추고 있어, 사카이 아이스도 추천합니다.


Asahi Sake Brewery [Dassai]: Known for its stylish wooden architecture designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma. We carry a variety of Dassai and limited edition sake, and we also recommend the sake lees ice cream.

We are disseminating the charm of Japanese sake to the world through YouTube.

lokal sake

Kazuya Miyakawa, the president of Nishi no Miyabi TOKIWA, is a certified sake master. Taking advantage of his qualifications, he introduces not only sake produced in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but also sake and shochu from all over the country in videos starring himself. Currently, we are releasing narrations in Japanese, English, and traditional Chinese characters, and we hope that this will encourage more interaction through sake with people visiting Yuda Onsen in Yamaguchi City from overseas.

Appears in imitation of TV show performers