"Rurikoji Five-storied Pagoda" 

Work is underway to reroof 

Period: Until March 2026

Work is underway to reroof the national treasure "Rurikoji Five-storied Pagoda" at Rurikoji Temple.

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A tour where you can stay at Yuda Onsen and enjoy the spectacular view

Spectacular tour departing from Yuda Onsen until December 28th (Saturday) on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

From Yuda Onsen to Tsunoshima Motonosumi Inari Shrine

From Yuda Onsen to Hagi Akiyoshido

2023.3.1 (updated) 

A shared taxi is planned for sightseeing in the five-storied pagoda from JR Yamaguchi Station for around 200 yen (Yamaguchi City)

In response to Yamaguchi City being selected as one of the ``52 Places to Visit in 2024'' by the New York Times, Yamaguchi City has launched five new projects totaling 20 million yen, including the regular operation of shared taxis around the city. We are embarking on measures to attract tourists. The aim is to improve convenience for foreign tourists and increase its popularity as a tourist destination.

Specifically, in March, we plan to start a shared taxi service that departs from JR Yamaguchi Station and travels around the five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple, a national treasure that is undergoing major renovations for the Reiwa era. It is anticipated that 10 to 20 flights will operate per day, and fares will be adjusted to around 200 yen. In addition, we will equip tourist information centers with translation machines that can provide simultaneous interpretation, increase the number of free public wireless LANs (Free Wi-Fi), and support the introduction of cashless payment terminals.

In addition, ``projection mapping,'' which projects images onto the outer wall sheets covering the five-storied pagoda, is also scheduled to be extended.

Hina dolls are displayed in the lobby of Tokiwa Ryokan

March 3rd is “Hina Matsuri”

Hina Maturi
Hina Maturi

Origin of Hinamatsuri

A festival for girls that is said to have originated in China. It is called the ``HINA-matsuri,'' which refers to the idea of ​​entrusting a doll to ward off evil spirits, or the dolls of girls from the Heian period, and has remained a festival to this day where families come together to pray for the healthy growth of girls.