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We recommend the Ichinosaka-river area.

Yamaguchi City is the prefectural capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture, where shrines and temples blend into the quiet cityscape, including the five-storied pagoda of the national treasure Rurikoji Temple.

Sandwiched between Hiroshima and Fukuoka, the center is located in a basin slightly inland from Sanyo Road. It is known as the "Kyoto of the West" because the entire city was built to imitate Kyoto, and the city retains its history dating back to the Middle Ages and its quiet streets. You can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the slow flow of time.

The Ichinosakagawa River, which runs from the five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple located on a hill to the city center, has been likened to the Kamo River that flows through Kyoto City, and has a particularly old townscape that remains. The changing seasons create a seasonal landscape: cherry blossoms in spring, fireflies in early summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and snowy landscapes in winter.

Although it is a quiet environment, the Gion Festival, which is lively at night in the summer, and the Tanabata Lantern Festival, which dyes the night sky red, are held, and people born in Yamaguchi remember their childhood and enjoy a lively summer time.





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2024.4.7  Yudaonsen Festival Tokiwa White Fox Parade

2024.3.2  A shared taxi is planned for sightseeing in the five-storied pagoda from JR Yamaguchi Station for around 200 yen (Yamaguchi City)

Talent Chihara Jr. introduced Tokiwa's Landlady Theater on the New York Times news program.

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Yamaguchi, Japan

Yamaguchi is often called the Kyoto of the West, though it’s much more interesting than that — and it suffers from considerably less “tourism pollution.” A compact city of about 190,000, it lies in a narrow valley between the Inland and Japan seas.

With its impeccable gardens and its stunning five-story pagoda, Rurikoji Temple is a national treasure. The city’s small winding lanes offer an assortment of experiences: pottery kilns like Mizunoue, situated on the grounds of Toshunji Temple; chic coffee shops like Log and Coffeeboy, and older-style options like Haraguchi; and wonderful counter-only shops that serve oden, or one-pot dishes. Just a 15-minute walk south is the hot-springs village of Yuda Onsen. New York Times article

Introducing the five-storied pagoda of Rurikoji Temple in a video

There are also cobalt blue spring water spots in the Akiyoshido area.


Five-storied pagoda project mapping Yamaguchi city

Yuda Onsen Festival 2024.4.6~4.7  Yamaguchi city Yudaonsen

Gion Festival 2024.7.20~7.27 City ​​center

Tanabata Lantern Festival, 2024.8.6~8.7 City ​​center

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